Student Handbook






Phone: 842-2802


Mailing Address: Box 130, Binscarth, MB, R0J 0G0

242 Russell St.


Twitter: @Binpwsd


This handbook is intended to communicate the rules, routines and procedures specific to our school to students, caregivers, staff and parents.


In a respectful environment, we will strive to challenge and meet the individual needs of all members of our school community.









Ad maiora nati sumus (We are born for greater things)


A school characterized by a sense of community, high standards, collaboration and cooperation, changing roles and an array of services, partnerships with families and community, flexible learning environments, strategies based on research, forms of accountability, and continuing professional development.


All staff can be emailed by using the first initial of their first name and their last name (no spaces) @ (for example:

  • Mrs. Danielle Laferriere- Kindergarten and Grade 1

  • Mrs. Vicki DeCorby – Grade 2 am and Grade 2/3 pm

  • Ms. Sharon Ward- Grade ¾ am and K/1 pm

  • Mrs. Brittany Main- Grade 5/6 am

  • Mrs. Brandi Farmer- Grade 4/5 pm and grade K-5 music

  • Miss. Amanda Payne- 7/8 am and 6/7/8 pm

  • Mr. Darcy Kowalchuk- 7/8 am and 6/7/8 pm


Principal – Mr. Kowalchuk

Resource/Guidance – Ms. Payne

Educational Assistants – Mrs. Linda Charron and Carla Arran

Secretary –Mrs. Sadie McCauley

Librarian – Mrs. Arran

Music- Mrs. Farmer

Speech and Language- Mrs. Arran

Noon hour Supervisors – Mrs. Charron and Mrs. Arran

Custodian – Mrs. Jenny Clarke



Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868

Sexual Assault (24 hr. help line) 1-888-292-7565

Crisis Pregnancy Line 727-6161

Crisis Services 725-4411

Ma Mawi Wi Chi itata Centre Aboriginal Crisis Support 1-888-962-6294

Temporary Housing (Youth for Christ -) 727-1251

Farm & Rural Stress Line 1-866-367-3276

R.C.M.P. 773-2105

Hospital 773-2125

Domestic Violence Crisis Line 1-877-977-0007

Crisis Line for Abused Women 1-800-362-3344

Suicide Prevention Center 1-888-379-7699 (Brandon)

1-888-322-3019 (Winnipeg)

Brandon Mobile Crisis Unit (available 24 hrs.) 1-888-379-7699


Teen Touch 1-800-563-8336

Child & Adolescence Mental Health 759-2336

A.F.M. (Addic. Found. Of Man.) - 859-4000

A.F.M. (Gambling Help Line - 24 hrs. Service) 1-800-463-1554

AL-ANON (support for friends/family affected by addictions) 571-3684

Gay and Lesbian Info 1-888-399-0005

Aids/STD information (free & confidential Mon-Fri, 8:30 - 8:00) 1-800-782-2437

Public Health Nurse 773-2761

Manitoba Lung Association (Smoking Cessation) 725-4230

Health Links (24 hr. Registered Nurse Service) 1-888-315-9257

Canadian Mental Association 727-5425

Canadian Red Cross Society (Brandon) 729-4970

Gang Information 1-800-691-4264

Westwind Eating Disorder Recovery Center 728-2499

Sexuality Education Resources Center 727-0417

Facts of Life Line 1-800-432-1957

Children’s Advocate Office 1-800-263-7146


Suicide Bereavement Group 729-8883

Eating Disorders Support Group 571-1645

Mood Disorders Association 725-8550

Anxiety Disorders Association 725-8555

WEBSITES (teen issues) (employment) (teen issues) (mental health) (teen issues) (mental health) (mental health) (mental health) (drugs & alcohol) (schizophrenia) (alcohol abuse) (addiction issues) (teen issues) (suicide prevention) (teen issues) (eating disorders) (teen issues) (sex education) (alcohol/drug issues)



Alliance Church 773-3551

Anglican Church 773-2096

Roman Catholic Church 773-2924

Ukrainian Catholic Church 773-2579

Knox United Church 773-2071

Grace Lutheran Church 773-2217


Anglican Church 773-2096

Christian Assembly Church 532-2251

Message to Students and Parents

As much as we are excited to see you again, this school year starts with uncertainty and change. There are many changes to this handbook with regards to policies and procedures. We ask that you refer to our school reopening plans, and any school, divisional or provincial updates for changes.

The information in this book is to familiarize you with services, policies, procedures and programs of our school. This handbook, in association with daily planners, calendars, agendas, newsletters, emails, texts, sign, is used to improve communication and organization.

Together, let’s:

  • Keep everyone safe

  • Create our new normal

  • Share our laughter and experiences

  • Care for each other

  • Teach each other


Assessment, Evaluation and Promotion

Assessment is a continuous process. In order to determine a final standing report card, teachers use a multitude of summative and formative assessments (formal tests, quizzes, projects, written and oral reports, homework assignments, participation in class, self and peer evaluation, observation). Formal Divisional and Provincial assessments may be postponed, cancelled or changed due to COVID 19.

Reporting to Parents

  • Written reports to parents will be issued to parents in November, March and June.

  • There will be two sets of formal student-parent-teacher interviews (known as student-led conferencing). These interviews may take different forms (zoom?) due to Covid- 19. One will be held in November after the release of the first report card, and another in March/April after the release of the second report card. Report cards will again be issued at the end of June with the final marks and promotion.

  • If at any point in the course of the year a student’s progress warrants a meeting with the parents, one will be arranged. Optional mid-year communications (February) are possible.

Homework/ Assignments/ Tests/ Exams

  • Classwork is regular class assignments to which class time has been given. Students making an ineffective use of class time are expected to complete the work on their own time in order to be successful. There will be a wide variety of teaching and learning experiences for all students to learn the curricular outcomes. However, we encourage all students (and parents) to take full advantage of the school experience to improve student engagement.

  • Assigned Homework - Occasionally teachers will assign work to be completed outside the regular classroom time. Homework is not viewed as punishment, but as a tool to enrich and reinforce specific skill.

  • All tests, should be written on the date and time scheduled. Students will receive advance notice of any scheduled tests. The only exceptions to the above will be:

    • In cases of severe or long term illness, a doctor’s note should be presented upon student’s return.

    • An appointment that has been scheduled prior to the test’s being set, such as an orthodontics appointment, will be an acceptable reason for missing the test. In such a case, the student must notify his or her teacher prior to the test date.

    • Any missed evaluations should be completed on the first day back.

  • Binscarth School does not support middle years exams that are worth a high percentage of the school year’s mark in a subject. However, the grade 8’s will write a test(s) in the gym, in June, with exam conditions, to prepare them for the high school experience.

  • In the event of remote learning, expectations for completion of assignments/ homework will be communicated to all parents and students.

  • For the curricular outcomes covered during the spring of 2020, teachers will provide recovery learning this school year.


Rights and Responsibilities

  • Students

  • Have the right to expect that …

  • All staff will treat them with courtesy, consistency and fairness;

  • Clear, relevant lessons will be presented, along with explanations for the evaluation procedures to be used;

  • They will be able to work in a climate which is safe, pleasant, orderly, respectful and conducive to learning;

  • School personnel will be accessible to students for help concerning learning activities, personal and career decisions, in a manner and a time that suits the situation;

  • Teachers will prepare for class and mark and return assignments within a reasonable time;

  • School administrators will monitor programs and instruction in the school;

  • Staff will adhere to and apply the Divisional Code of Conduct Policy;

  • They will have the opportunity to participate in activities;

  • Teachers will abide by the terms of their Professional Code of Conduct.

  • Will be responsible for …

  • Attending school and classes regularly and on-time;

  • Being prepared for all classes by bringing required materials and completed homework assignments;

  • Making arrangements for any work missed due to absences;

  • Developing respect for self, others and property;

  • Making the most of education opportunities through active participation;

  • Taking pride in their work, their appearance and their accomplishments;

  • Resolving conflicts and difficulties in a manner that is mutually acceptable;

  • Obeying and observing the law and all school rules of conduct;

  • Taking pride in their school and community.

  • Staff

  • Have the right to expect that …

  • All stakeholders will treat them with respect;

  • Students will attend classes regularly and on time, with assignments completed, and with appropriate materials;

  • Students’ behavior will promote a positive learning environment;

  • School administrators will provide leadership and support;

  • They will have the support and cooperation of students, parents and colleagues in the performance of their duties;

  • Students will observe all school rules of conduct;

  • There will be open communication among all stakeholders of the system.

  • Will be responsible for …

  • Planning, teaching and supervising assigned courses;

  • Establishing and maintaining a learning environment which is pleasant, orderly, respectful and conducive to students’ learning; (continued next page)

  • Evaluating student achievement and explaining assessment procedures to be used in each course;

  • Communicating information about student progress, attendance, behavior, and special needs to students, parents and administration in a timely fashion;

  • Marking and returning assignments and tests within a reasonable time;

  • Arranging suitable time for assisting students;

  • Providing an environment that will promote self-esteem;

  • Treating students fairly and consistently;

  • Treating parents/guardians with courtesy and respect;

  • Respecting the rights of all individuals;

  • Maintaining open communication;

  • Striving to provide an optimum quality of education;

  • Ongoing personal and professional development.

  • Parents/Guardians

  • Have the right to expect that …

  • Teachers will provide effective instruction for students and will display enthusiasm for teaching and learning;

  • School staff will respect others and property;

  • Students will be able to participate in activities;

  • Reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of students to and from school, and while in school;

  • Administrators will exhibit leadership and support for students and for staff;

  • Administrators will actively supervise programs and instruction in the school;

  • Teachers will teach the required Manitoba Education and Training curriculum as well as provide the assigned programs and services using appropriate teaching practices and methods;

  • Clear, relevant learning activities will occur in the school, along with explanations for the evaluation procedures to be used.

  • Will be responsible for …

  • Treating school staff with courtesy and respect;

  • Instilling in their son or daughter:

  • The desire to work to the best of his/her ability;

  • An understanding of the importance of education;

  • Respect for property and resources;

  • Respect for the rights of fellow students and staff;

  • Recognition of the authority of the school staff to ensure a safe, secure, non-threatening learning environment;

  • Contacting the school when there are areas of affirmation and concern by following the proper protocol as in Policy KL (When contact is made involving instruction, discipline, or learning facilities protocol would be 1) the Teacher, 2) the Principal, 3) the Superintendent/CEO, and, 4) the Board);

  • When possible, attending school events and meetings to give support to the school/student;

  • Their child’s behavior;

  • Their child’s regular attendance in classes;

  • Informing the school when their child will be absent

Binscarth School Code of Conduct

Guiding Principles

All participants involved with Binscarth School (students, parents or guardians, volunteers, teachers and other staff members) are included in this Code of Conduct whether they are on school property, on school buses or at school, authorized events or activities.

All members of the school community are to be treated with respect and dignity, especially persons in positions of authority. Any unacceptable behavior (non-verbal, verbal, physical, emotional or sexual) toward any student, volunteer or employee will not be tolerated.

Responsible citizenship involves appropriate participation in the civic life of the school community. Active and engaged citizens are aware of their rights, but more importantly, they accept responsibility for protecting their rights and the rights of others.

Bullying, or abusing physically, sexually or psychologically (orally, in writing, or otherwise) by any person is unacceptable.

Discriminating unreasonably on the basis of any characteristic set out in subsection 9 (2) of the Human Rights Code is unacceptable.

Members of the school community are expected to use non-violent means to resolve conflict. Physically aggressive behavior is not a responsible way to interact with others.

Insults, disrespect, and other hurtful acts disrupt learning and teaching in a school community. Members of the school community have a responsibility to maintain an environment where conflict and difference can be addressed in a manner characterized by respect and civility.

The possession, use or threatened use of any object to injure another person endangers the safety of oneself and others.

Alcohol and illegal drugs are addictive and present a health hazard. We will work cooperatively with police, drug and alcohol agencies to promote prevention strategies and, where necessary, respond to school members who are in possession of, or under the influence of, alcohol or illegal drugs.

Gang involvement will not be tolerated on school sites.

Members of the school community are expected to adhere to Divisional Procedure regarding appropriate use of electronic mail, school devices and the Internet.

Binscarth School Code of Conduct (continued)

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior/ Minor offences

Students who do not comply with the standards of behavior outlined in the Code of Conduct will be dealt with in a judicious and considerate manner. Actions will vary depending on the circumstances of each individual case.

Consequences may include:

  • Verbal intervention by teacher, support staff, administrator or adult supervisor;

  • Temporary removal from class, activity or event;

  • Problem-solving exercise;

  • Parental contact;

  • Counseling;

  • Loss of privileges;

  • Detention;

  • Restitution;

  • Suspension;

  • Expulsion.

These specific procedures for implementing suspensions and expulsions are detailed in Park West School Division Policy AP: 101.

Consequences for serious Non-Negotiable/ Bottom-Line/serious behaviours

There are certain infractions that are non-negotiable, where disciplinary actions must be more concrete and serious than negotiable misbehaviours. These infractions often challenge the authority of the school, endanger the student or others around them. They include violence/fighting, weapons, harassment, skipping classes, smoking, vandalism, substance abuse, threats, swearing, obscenity and theft.

Consequences include possible suspension from school and in the most serious of cases, RCMP intervention and request for expulsion. When a student is suspended, he/she may not return to the school for any reason during the period of suspension (nowhere on school grounds). Periods of suspension may vary according to the seriousness of the offence and at the discretion of the administration. Parents are also required to return to school, with their child on the first day after a suspension.

Plagiarism is a serious infraction, and when it occurs, staff members have three options:

  • Redo the same assessment/ evaluation

  • Redo a similar assessment/evaluation

  • Assign a zero as a mark

Process for Appealing Disciplinary Decisions

All members of the school community will be offered due process with respect to the Code of Conduct. Due process will include the individual’s right to be treated with fairness and respect; to be given the opportunity to share his/her side of a situation; and to be assigned consequences in a reasonable and impartial manner. Due process will include the right to request a review of any decision and the right to appeal through the school appeal process.

It may happen that a student feels that he or she has been unfairly treated. The issue must not be debated in the presence of those not directly involved. In such cases the following procedures should be followed:

  • Carry out the direction given by the teacher.

  • Ask the teacher involved for an appointment to discuss the matter. Discuss it with the teacher involved, with the objective of resolving the matter promptly and informally.

  • In the unlikely event that dealing directly with the classroom teacher still leaves you with concerns, discuss them with the principal. A meeting with the teacher and principal may be necessary.

  • If, after seeking understanding and resolution from both the teacher and principal, you still have concerns, advise the Superintendent/CEO in writing. The Superintendent/CEO will respond to your written concerns and attempt to resolve the problematic issue.

  • If the intervention by the Superintendent/CEO is not satisfactory, you have a right to request a hearing by The Park West School Division Board of Trustees at a regular Board meeting. Advise the Superintendent/CEO you wish to appear as a delegation. As the Board meets every three weeks and a limited time is available for delegations, prepare your written statement and submit it to the Board one week prior to the meeting. The meeting with the Board will be in camera [not part of the public meeting]. The Board will allow a hearing; may ask questions to clarify concerns; and will decide on a recommendation as soon as is reasonable.


ABSENCES (student)

Notify the school office, AS SOON as you know of an absence from the school (planned or otherwise). Students are then entered into our school administrational system in respective categories. Parents will be notified by letter twice per year if their child’s absences fall into the at-risk range (less than 90 % attending).


Medications will not, under normal circumstances, be dispensed by school personnel. Exceptions are listed in divisional procedure. (General students under the age of 18 need parental permission for a staff member to provide medication such as Advil) and students with specific URIS needs.


Occasionally, the school may organize team meetings to suit the special learning needs of a student (AEP, IEP, BIP). Parent attendance at these meetings is imperative for student success. These meetings may take different forms than they have in the past due to the pandemic. Participation by everyone, however, is still imperative for student success.


Binscarth School is an allergy safe school. If a student accidentally brings restricted foods to school, they may be asked to eat in a separate classroom and away from the common area. The desk should then be cleaned properly. All medical information is shared with the school with the URIS forms provided in the registration package. Any required Epi-pens should be on the student.


Announcements, O’ Canada, birthdays and recognition of achievements will occur at the beginning of each day in respective classrooms. If a parent/ group wish to present to the school during announcements, they must first receive permission from the Principal. To begin the school year, we will be suspending whole school assemblies.


Students should arrive at class promptly and prepared. Please see our school re-opening plans for the new arrival and departure times and protocol.


Excellent attendance is one of the most direct contributors to school success; a main factor in meeting curricular outcomes. When assignments are missed, it is the duty of the STUDENT to complete the work in due time.


To recognize outstanding academic, athletic and citizenship achievement, Binscarth School holds awards and recognition for all students at the end of June.

BELL TIMES have changed greatly due to staggered recess, entry and dismissal. Please refer to our Covid plan for any changes. To begin the school year:

The doors open at 8:15

-Bus students stay on bus till 8:25. Buses will unload one at a time.

- High School town students will be asked to sit and social distance in the gym until all buses arrive.

-K-8 Town students- please time yourself to arrive no earlier than 8:45


8:50 Go to homeroom for attendance

8:55 Announcements and Morning procedure

9:00-9:35 Period 1

9:35-10:10 Period 2

10:10-10:30 Recess

10:30-11:08 Period 3

11:08-11:45 Period 4

11:45 Lunch in classrooms

Grade 5-8’s can leave their classroom for noon-hour at 12:05

Grades 4-8 can leave their classroom for noon-hour at 12:10

12:40 Bell Rings

12:45 afternoon classroom attendance

12:45-1:20 Period 5

1:20-1:55 Period 6

1:55-2:15 Recess

2:15-2:50 Period 7

2:50-3:25 Period 8

3:30 Everyone gets ready to go home.

    • Town students are dismissed at 3:25

    • Bus students are dismissed at 3:30 to go directly to bus.


Bikes can be brought to school, however, they must be placed in the bike racks that are provided


Birthdays are celebrated a number of ways at our school. In addition to classroom teachers recognizing the special day when it happens, we do school wide announcements at the beginning of each week, and a cupcake and song by the student body at the end of each month (this may change). Any additional celebrations must be coordinated between parents and the homeroom teacher. A reminder that the school does not distribute birthday party invitations (in case of the rare occasion where a classmate is not invited).


When funding can be received from grants and volunteers help arranged, our schools will be providing a (one morning per week) breakfast program. We are still allowed to provide a breakfast program, however, it will run differently (no buffet style, food brought to classroom, etc).

(ANTI-) Bullying Initiatives

Binscarth School does a number of initiatives regarding the issue of bullying over the period of a school year. If a child feels that they are a victim, they are encouraged to notify an adult in the school (teacher, Resource, Guidance, Administration) to deal with the situation. Students who are identified as bullies will be disciplined as per the code of conduct, and possibly be entered into an Anti-Bullying program.


The bus drop-off area is on the South side of the school. Parents dropping and picking up students should do so on the north side of the school, and away from the incoming/ outgoing buses. Failure of students to behave properly on Divisional buses will result in temporary suspension of services to the student. Our bus procedures have changed; please see school reopening plan and/ or the Divisional transportation plan.


Policy is described in the Divisional computer usage forms. Forms are signed by the student, teacher and Administrator. Students may lose computer networking privileges if they are using the computer and/ or Internet inappropriately. Also, occasional checks are completed by the network administrator for inappropriate usage, files, swearing, threats, etc. Students should also choose a password that is a secret, and that they can remember from year to year, and not share with others.


The confidentiality of school issues, especially sensitive student concerns, are strictly enforced by legislation. Information is shared on a “need-to-know” basis by Administration and Resource/ Guidance. No personal or medical information is shared to “outside” sources.


Binscarth School offers counseling to students who need additional social/ emotional support. We also use outside counselling services when available and necessary.


Administration has the option to use the RCMP as support for disciplinary incidents that break the Criminal Code.


Binscarth School has an outlined crisis response plan in place to deal with various emergencies.

DOORS (entrance)

To assist with student safety, entrance doors may be locked for the majority of the school day if the need arises. Parents should (preferably) use the main (north) doors and visitors should “check-in” with the office. Due to the pandemic, school access will be limited to anyone who is not a student or staff member. The Division has installed a door bell system for entry. It would be preferable if you call the school ahead of time with your request/ needs, and we will bring it/ them out to you.


Students should dress appropriately for school, as it is considered a professional setting. No midriffs showing, or clothing that is offensive or inappropriate to students and/ or staff (Cutoffs, mesh shirts, halter tops, short shorts, etc.). Clothing with profanity, and /or inappropriate or suggestive slogans/symbols will also not be allowed. Students will be asked to turn the clothing inside-out or cover with another piece of clothing. Usage of masks is described in the school re-entry plan.

ELECTRONICS (Ipods, cell phones)

These items are only allowed at the discretion of the teacher. No picture taking or recordings are allowed without the permission of the subject. No recording devices are allowed in the bathrooms at any time. Personal devices are the responsibility of the student (loss/broken). Should a device be misused during class time, it will be confiscated and turned into the office for student or parent pickup. We encourage students to play outside during breaks and NOT take their devices outside during recess. During this time, students should not be sharing/ passing their phones to others.


There are no formal school-based exams in the Middle Years area. However, grade 8’s may write tests during a week in June, in a formal setting, to mimic/ prepare for high school.


Binscarth School has a broad range of extracurricular sports against other schools in the Division. Students are encouraged to participate. Middle Years sports promote fundamentals, fun and participation. Park West has paused all extracurricular games, tournaments and practices for schools and students outside of their cohort. This policy will be revisited October 1st.


Students are asked to wear outdoor shoes and have a clean indoor pair. Parents should ensure that students are appropriately dressed for extreme, cold, wet weather.


There are plans for each class to take a field trip each year. In addition to these trips, the older students participate in many sports competitions (volleyball, soccer, badminton, basketball, slow pitch, etc). The division does provide some money for bus trips/ travel out of our budget. In the course of a year it will cost us close to $2000 to finance these trips. We have to raise funds to cover the cost. The majority of the funds are raised by three fundraising activities:

      1. Sobey’s/ IGA cards (October, November, December, January)

      2. Mom’s Pantry in Oct/ Nov.

      3. Peak of the Market- Nov

      4. Pizza sales in spring

At the publishing of this handbook, we still do not know the status of fundraisers


  • All students will eat in their own desk in their classroom

  • No sunflower seeds are allowed in the school.

  • To begin the school year, microwaves are not provided


To leave the classroom (in normal situations) students must ask the teacher for permission and only leave the classroom one-at-a-time. A new system for bathroom use (tags) has been created to lessen congestion in bathrooms.


No hats, headwear, “colours’ or bandanas are worn in the school.


Currently, grade 8 students must achieve 80% or greater in ELA, Math, Science AND Social Studies


Hot lunch is provided for students who pre-pay/ pre-order following the Healthy Schools Guidelines. Meals are offered three times per week from October to May. We encourage parents to ensure that their orders forms and payment are correct before sending it to school (and prior to due dates). Milk is also offered as part of the meal. A reminder that when a school closure occurs, the hot lunch schedule does not change for the following day, and a credit will be given for the following month. We still hope to provide hot lunch, however, it’s procedures will change due to Covid 19 (no buffet style, no student assistance with distribution, exact pre-ordering, pre-packaged condiments, etc)


From early October to late May, Intramurals is organized for student participation (grades 5-8). Students should wear appropriate footwear and comply with the noon-hour supervisor. There will be a rotation of various sports and activities for interested students. Points are provided to the three teams and the eventual winners receive recognition at awards night. House System is on a pause to begin the school year


Parents are to come into the school and notify a staff member when picking their child up early from school. The students will not be allowed to wait by the door. Students must let their teacher know when they are leaving. Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds after they have arrived unless they have written permission from their parent. This does not apply to town students if they are going home for lunch.

When a parent is picking up the child early (before end-of-day dismissal), communicating to everyone is important (office, homeroom teacher, bus driver). A number of drop-off and pick-up procedures have changed; please refer to the school re-opening plan.


Students are responsible for all library books signed out. Lost or damaged books will be paid for by students/ parents at replacement value. If the book is later found, the money will be reimbursed. For the month of September, the library will be closed, but a system of safe book dispersal will be created.

LICE (Pediculosis)

Students (and their siblings) who contract lice may be asked to remain home until the condition is treated (properly shampooed, cleaned, etc).

LOCKERS (mostly Middle Years)

Teachers will assign lockers for their homeroom, which remain property of Binscarth School and can be searched by school Administration with reasonable cause. Students can still use lockers, but only on a minimal basis to store clothes, lunch, etc. They must take everything they need for class at the start of the day.

Provincial and Divisional ASSESSMENTS

During the school year, grade 3, 7 & 8 teachers are required to assess and report the following competencies to the Provincial Government (reading, writing, engagement and mathematics). The administration of these assessments will change due to the pandemic.


When sending money to school for hot lunches, book orders, fundraising, etc. please pay by cheque whenever possible. This eliminates the risk of cash getting lost and cheques are much easier for the secretary to manage. It also eliminates the school having to deal with large amounts of cash. In an effort to limit the handling of money, an online cash system may be instituted.


The PAC group is an important part of the Administrational team. Interested parents meet bi-monthly to discuss school issues and support.


Parents and community members are encouraged to volunteer at the school. Sadly, outside visitors are restricted to our school until further notice.


The PWSD website ( has many useful resources, including Senior Administration information, Press Releases, Online forms, employment opportunities, COVID updates, PWSD schools, policy manuals, etc.


Positive Behavioural Supports (PBS, but also known as PBIS, EBS, SW-PBS) is a system-wide framework that supports effective schools by being proactive and preventative. Goals include the reduction of problem behaviours and enhancement of learning environments. Features include:

  • School-wide behavioural expectations.

  • Teaching behavioural expectations to all students.

  • Continuum of consequences for violating behavioural expectations.

  • Acknowledging appropriate behaviour

  • Ongoing use of data for decision-making

  • Function-based support for students with a chronic problem behaviour


Any student to be transported by bus or other means, must have an informed consent form signed by his/her parent/guardian prior to the trip. Students who do not get parental permission, will not be permitted to travel with the team or group involved.


Students will be allowed to only use the phone in the office and they must have staff permission to do so. (Recesses and noon hour only)


Students can only use the photocopier with a staff member’s permission. Students must also ask for permission to use the colour copier as the toner is expensive.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Change of clothes)

All students from grade 5-8 are expected to have a change of clothes for gym class. (The expectation of gym clothes changing is recommended but not mandated in an effort to lessen the number of students in the changeroom at one time). They are also to wear runners with non-marking soles. Students do not need to wear a mask for PE or outside unless they will be close to others, or they feel the need to be safe.


Near the end of June, a “field day” is organized as an athletic event for Early Years students.


At the start of the year, students receive a registration package to review with their parents to complete, sign and return to school.


Yearly plans, involving multiple stakeholders, are created each year in an action plan for school improvement. Parents and community members can request a copy of the plan from the office.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere on school grounds.


Traditionally, all students attend a one-day ski trip at Asessippi as a fun activity and to build Phys. Ed. Hours. It is most likely that this will not occur this year.


Students who need assistance with their Speech and Language skills are placed in a “pull-out” program as a remedial resource. S & L is a support we offer to help your child’s language skills.


When the buses are cancelled during a school day, students are asked to return to their homeroom while the office calls the parents of billeted students for confirmation (parent pickup or town billeting). It is important that all students are accounted for and that the billet forms are correctly completed.

Parents can refer to the Divisional storm policy AP: 805 for more specific details such as:

  • Wind Chill Days- As a general rule, schools will close when the windchill is -45C or colder

  • Storm Days-

    • When individual buses are cancelled, schools are still open

    • When regional or division-wide buses are cancelled, schools are closed (as long as they are within that region)

Communication for closures is provided by 6:45 am through:

  • CBC Radio One (990 AM and 89.3 FM), CJGX (940 AM), CKDM (730 AM), CKLQ (880 AM), STAR FM (94.7 FM), KX96 (96.1 FM) and The Farm (101.1 FM)

  • Posted on the Park West School Division website

  • the bus drivers, who will in turn call all of the parents on their route.

Please provide multiple accurate contacts on the registration form in case we need to send your child home with Covid symptoms (please refer to re-entry plan).


We have a student council which serves as a student voice and representatives of the respective student bodies and builds leadership skills. Activities such as fundraising, charities, spirit week, dances, etc. also improve the quality of school life.


Binscarth School and Park West School Division encourages the movement towards student-involved conferencing; whereas student input towards their own learning is promoted. In November and March/ April, parents are encouraged to attend progress meetings with their children, however, the child takes a larger role in describing their improvement. This may take different online forms due to the pandemic.


Forts must be “open-air” and accessible by everyone.


Students are required to look after the textbooks provided for each course. Lost or damaged books will have to be paid for by the student to whom the book was assigned. If a textbook is abused by a student, they will be assessed 50% of the textbook replacement cost.


Our timetable runs on a 6 day schedule and can be viewed on


Students who play on teams will be assigned a uniform. There is not caution fee, however, if the uniform is damaged, a fee will be levied to replace it. A reminder to properly wash (cold water) and dry (hang).


Students are not allowed to use facilities - gymnasiums, classrooms, etc. - after school hours unless they are under the supervision of the teacher responsible for the activity.

Community members wishing to use the school facility can do so by completing a Use of Schools Facilities form (see office) and a small usage charge will be requested. The school and division are starting the year with the policy that no outside groups can use our facilities until further notice.